Semalt Advice On How To Use Links for Your Website Promotion

Table Of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. How To Promote Your Website
    1. Pay Attention To On-Page SEO
    2. Target Long-Tail Keywords
    3. Write Irresistible Headlines
    4. Link Your Content Internally
    5. Don't Forget Email Marketing
    6. Get Social
    7. Guest Blogging And Inviting Others To Guest Post On Your Site
    8. Incorporate Video Into Your Content Strategy
    9. Ensure Your Site Is Responsive
    10. Build A Strong Community Among Your Audience
  3. Conclusion

1. Introduction

As a marketer, online store owner, SEO manager, blogger, or any other role player that has to do with the online scene. There is no doubt that one of your most keen thoughts would be how to draw more traffic to your websites. Ranking high on search result pages, gaining huge traffic, and making tangible sales would be the first few points on your wish list. 

Well, we understand that and that's why we decided to bring to you 19 tested and trusted ways by which your links can gain more clicks and your website gain the unprecedented traffic growth you've always desired. Yea, the road to gaining huge traffic on your website might seem lonely and bleak, but it's doable. Here is how.

2. How To Promote Your Website

I. Pay Attention To On-Page SEO

Do you think SEO is dead? Nah, it's not. You've just not been doing it the right way. Endeavor to optimize your content, and overall website towards be search engines to make search engine algorithms see that you have much to offer users. But don't only write for the algorithms, actually write for your users. Make your content seem natural and also valuable. 

Also, ask yourself, are you making the most of image alt text, backlinks, internal links, metadata, keywords, and likes? SEO doesn't have to take ages for you to see the result. Yes, it does take a bit of time, but if you are indeed doing it right, you should notice some boost to your organic traffic. If you are not doing that, you sure are not paying optimal attention to your on-page SEO.

II. Target Long-Tail Keywords

We all keep talking about long-tail keywords but are you actually using them? Long-tail keywords, particularly the high-intent ones are the real hotcake because they convert to noticeable traffic - the kind of traffic that comprises visitors that are ready to buy. Yeah, long-tail keywords might not bring in huge traffic, but they do bring in the right traffic, the kind of traffic that can become loyal customers or your regular audience. 

So, if you are yet to start targeting long-tail keywords, now is the time to get started. And you know what? Long-tail keywords are said to account for a huge part of the overall monthly web searches. This means that if you have not been targeting them for your paid or organic search, you're missing out.

III. Write Irresistible Headlines

Do you know how you'd start salivating just upon sighting a well-decorated meal with a tantalizing aroma? Yes, that's the same way irresistible headlines work. No matter how fabulous and comprehensive your content is, you need to first get people to click it before they can continue reading it. Well, your headline is the key to that.

Headlines are one of the most critical aspects of your content because your content would most likely go unread without them. So, try to master the art of creating captivating and compelling headlines that'd fascinate the potential audience enough to make them click through to continue reading. Remember to avoid click baits because they are a sure way to increase your website's bounce rate. Why? People hate clickbait headlines and will exit your website as soon as they realize that the headline was nothing but bait.

IV. Link Your Content Internally

Yes, backlinks from high authority websites that point back to yours are indeed great. But do you know what's equally important but frequently forgotten? It's linking content internally. Most bloggers and SEO managers spend so much time chasing backlinks from high authority websites that they forget to use internal links. 

What most don't know is that your link profile's strength can also be affected by your internal linking structure. Here's what to do. Endeavor to link your internal content to one another. Particularly, link your low traction content to your content that is already gaining huge traffic. This would help generate all-around traffic to your overall web content. Do remember to only link those related to one another.

V. Don't Forget Email Marketing.

Just like internal linking, most people focus on generating traffic through diverse means that they forget the old-school marketing methods like email marketing. What they don't know is that email marketing is still going to remain relevant even tomorrow. If you can build a strong community through emails, you'd be surprised at how much that could boost your traffic. 

Also remember to do everything moderately, though. People don't like receiving several irrelevant emails at a strength. So, fine-tune your emails to suit your target audience and send them offers they just can't resist. Before long, you'd notice your business booming.

VI. Get Social

It's not enough to produce great content. Of course, you'd want people to see it. One way to get people to see them is by actively posting your content on social media. You'd need to first start by building your audience through your social media accounts. 

After building your social media accounts and gaining a considerable number of followers, you can start posting your web content on social media. This is a great way to draw traffic to your site. Firstly, your direct followers would get to read your content. Also, they could share the content with their followers, thereby widening your content reach.  

Aside from just posting your web content on social media, you also need to actively participate online to get people engaged. Like your followers' posts, reply to their comments, join hashtags and of course, always remember to reply to direct messages of inquiries sent to you. Show your audience that you're there to stay, and you'll manage to make them loyal to your brand.

VII. Guest Blogging And Inviting Others To Guest Post On Your Site

Some say true guest blogging is dead, but nope, it's not. Guest posting (true guest posting) on reputable websites can greatly increase your website traffic and help build your brand. The problem is that guest posting these days isn't true / genuine. People now resort to cheap tricks to get those done but guess what? Google has its way of sniffing them out and penalizing them. So, if you're able to genuinely put your time, thoughts, and effort into guest posting with a reputable site and linking your web content to those guest posts, your website's traffic would be boosted and your brand more publicized.

Also, just as you're guest posting on other high authority reputable sites, you should encourage others to guest post on your website too. Their audience would get to read your content, and you know what that means? Traffic boost! Be warned, though. Low quality, plagiarized or spammy content would be highly detrimental to your site because Google penalizes those. So only allow guest posts that can contribute to the quality and performance of your web content.

VIII. Incorporate Video Into Your Content Strategy

Although text-based content will forever be the internet's dough, there is no doubt that video-based contents are incredibly valuable. Don't believe me? Take a look at YouTube, Tiktok, Vimeo, and the likes. They all resonate, so we'll start with the audience because they provide engaging visuals. So, no matter how hooking you consider text content, also give video content a trial. 

Video content will help you draw in new visitors and retain the regulars while also making the information you're sharing more appealing and engaging. Recent statistics suggest that people not only prefer video content more than text content but that video content also increases information retention a great deal. So, if you are yet to get started with video marketing, now is the time to do so.

IX. Ensure Your Site Is Responsive

Gone are the days when desktops were the only go-to for accessing the internet. Now, more people access the web through their mobiles than PCs. Why? Mobiles are always handy. Given that most people are accessing the internet through their phones, you just can't afford to have a website that would be unresponsive on mobiles. Phone users don't have much time to waste, and immediately they notice that a website is taking long to load or it's glitching as they are trying to navigate the webpage, they exit such pages fast. 

And do you know what that means? Your bounce rate would increase, and eventually, Google would most likely dislike your website. The reason is that Google algorithms assume that lots of people only exit a page if it's not offering them the value they seek.

Endeavor to make your site responsive and accessible across diverse devices. Also, ensure that all aspects of your website are technically optimized to boost the user experience.

X. Build A Strong Community Among Your Audience

Do you know the best websites on the internet? They are not necessarily the ones with the highest monthly traffic; instead, they are the most engaging audience. Engaging audiences are loyal, so they help keep the traffic coming. They also share their favorite content with others, meaning that they tend to also draw in new visitors to the site from time to time. Isn't that what everyone wants? To have a solid and loyal community. 

Well, an engaging audience doesn't just fall from the sky. They are usually built. You need to build a strong community with your visitors / audience by engaging with them appropriately. Endeavor to post engaging content that'd compel the visitors to comments on your posts. And when the visitors leave comments or questions on your site, reply to them; build conversations through those replies. Don't forget to manage your community appropriately to ensure that everyone feels safe and secured enough to keep the conversation going.  


And there you have it - 10 wholesome tips for you to promote your website, gain huge traffic and make awesome sales. There is indeed no magic formula for content marketing and website promotion… it does take time and effort, but if you put in your best, you'd get the results. If that sounds kinda stressful, Semalt got you covered. They have the skills, experience, and technical know-how to transform your website and help you see positive results in no time.